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Our Advanced Dental Services in Spruce Grove, Alberta

If you or a member of your family is in need of advanced dental care, it can be frustrating to travel to an outside practice because your general dentist doesn’t provide specialized treatments. At Spruce Ridge Dental, we strive to eliminate this issue. Our Dentists and the rest of our Westloc staff have the skills and advanced training to provide a comprehensive list of services including: gentle pediatric care, involved reconstructive solutions for tooth loss, and IV sedation. We want to simplify your care and enable patients to receive excellent treatment in an office environment you’re familiar with. Contact us today in Spruce Grove, Alberta today to learn more.


Many people give up on their dreams of achieving a straighter smile when they reach adulthood. After all, the thought of wearing metal braces can make you feel more like a grade school student than a polished professional. Thankfully, our team and Dr. Vu are happy to offer a more sophisticated, seamless alternative: Invisalign. Invisalign treatment consists of a series of clear aligners designed to represent a different stage of your teeth as they shift into position. All Devon patients do is wear each one set for a specified amount of time before switching to the next alignment trays in the series. Most cases are finished in 8-18 months.

Traditional Orthodontics

Metal braces are better than ever, with more stability, comfort, and customization. They consist of standard metal or ceramic (tooth-colored) brackets and specialized archwire that apply tension and gradually shift teeth into the ideal position. Edmonton patients undergoing orthodontic treatment need to attend regular appointments at our Spruce Grove dental practice so we can observe progress and provide tightening when needed. Children can personalize their smiles by placing colored rubber bands around the brackets!

Digital X-Rays

At Spruce Ridge Dental, our team strives to provide the latest dental tools and techniques to our valued Stony Plain patients so care is smooth and effective. We’re proud to exclusively use digital radiography to capture detailed images of your smile in a fast, effective way. While traditional X-rays had to be tediously developed in a darkroom and stored in inconvenient filling systems, digital X-rays are instantly visible on a nearby computer and stored digitally. We can send them to insurance companies, forward them to other doctors, and even magnify and color-code certain areas for educational or treatment planning purposes. Best of all, the amount of radiation patients are exposed to is reduced by up to 90%. 

Soft Tissue Laser Services

our team and Dr. Vu are proud to offer state-of-the-art soft tissue laser therapy that transforms once complicated surgical procedures into comfortable, minimally invasive treatments. With this tool, we are able to precisely cut away infected tissue caused by periodontal disease, recontour the gum line to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and more.

Pediatric Care

We typically recommend that parents begin bringing their children in for regular treatment when they’re around three years old. However, if you notice a potential dental problem earlier, please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment. Our Spruce Grove dental team loves seeing the whole family, and we create a fun and relaxing experience so your little one feels at ease. We’ll also keep an eye out for any potential developmental issues, and treat them in the earliest possible stages. 

Additional specialty treatment options we offer include:

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